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EOS Ag is a business owned and operated by Ben Longenecker. The dairy and agriculture business have been in the Longenecker blood for generations. It all started with a 40 cow hand milked dairy in New York by his great grandparents, to an agronomy center and heifer raising facility by his grandparents in northern Pennsylvania, and lastly the 30 plus years of ruminant nutrition by his father all across the US. This history and upbringing have helped shape the mindset that this business is about helping each other get better and more efficient at what we do. This is what led to the name EOS Ag. EOS is an acronym for economy of scale, which is an economic term based around the thoughts of high volume, low margin. With inoculants specifically, our industry has come to the conclusion that they are necessary in helping drive an efficient fermentation. The EOS part in this is to provide a product with as good of, if not better, results on fermentation and supply that to all clients at a better price so everyone is more price efficient.


The inoculant line available from EOS was based around the buchneri and brevis bugs. From the beginning we knew Valley Ag Services had top of the line LAB products at excellent prices. There was no need to reinvent that wheel. But we did see the need to help guys with the more at risk feeds.

When the buchneri and brevis bugs are combined with a great LAB product, we can not only aid in dry matter retention at initial fermentation, but also help with issues seen at feed out. Whether that has to do with a drier silage that has issues with yeast and mold once air is reintroduced, a pile that is offsite and needs hauled on location, or just a silage in general because it is in a humid, high risk environment for yeast and mold; a combination product can greatly reduce the risk of moldy silage being fed to your cows. The EOS flagship product, Supreme, was built with synergy in mind. We wanted the front end LAB to better aid the buchneri and brevis on the backend without giving up anything in the initial fermentation. This product is unlike any other buchneri combination product on the market. Because it is different, the EOS Standard product was developed to fulfill the needs of those clients that like keeping things the same. There are still times where the old saying “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it” still makes sense. And the last product in the EOS line is the Super. This product is straight buchneri for high moisture corn or earlage.


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