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Dairy producers are very familiar with the concept of “walking the cows”. It refers to the process that nutritionists and consultants do every month or week of literally walking the cows to identify any changes or problems which require attention. Walking the cows also provides the opportunity for a second set of eyes to see changes, either negative or positive which should be noted and further changes be based upon. Dairy producers and managers appreciate this service because often the more subtle changes can be missed or go unobserved when the owners or managers are there every day. Having the nutritionist or consultant walk the cows not only provides the opportunity for a new set of eyes to detect these changes but the nutritionist or consultant also has the advantage of seeing many other situations and as a result has the benefit of bringing the knowledge and experience of many other dairymen, specialists and industry personnel to the dairy.

The Silage Guys “walk the silages” providing these same advantages to both the dairymen and their nutritionists. All nutritionists recognize the importance of quality silages. The Silage Guys simply provide the nutritionist with more detailed information and more observations on their accounts silage and the silage management practices.


The Silage Guys offer both the nutritionist and the dairy copies of reports. The typical report provides a summary observation of a snap shot of silage management practices. Click here to view our report forms.


The Silage Guys offer many tests for dairies which include typical silage sampling and fermentation analysis. Testing for length of cut and kernel processing is done both at harvest and during feedout. Density tests can also be done both at harvest and at feedout.

*View a Density Test at Filling

*View Density Testing Silage Faces of Bunks, Pits and Drive Over Piles


The Silage Guys also provides up to date information on the newest products developed to help dairies and growers improve silage crops and management. This information may be provided in the forms of technical sheets, on dairy meetings or consultations or via one on one discussions.


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