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Valley Ag ServicesValley Ag Services LLC is a business owned and operated by Pam Crosby. After moving to Idaho in 2005, Pam decided to continue the business she had started in Virginia, one year earlier. The Idaho and Pacific Northwest markets offered even more opportunity for a business such as Valley Ag Services LLC.
Valley Ag Services LLC was designed to offer dairy producers access to the best products at the best possible price. The plan is simple, good products and good prices sell themselves. Valley Ag Services offers select products to dairies. The product line is limited, but the value is far from it.

One current area of emphasis has been silage inoculants.

Inoculant products available from Valley Ag Services LLC include their flag ship product, Phoenix SI , along with the Prime SI and Genesis. Both the Phoenix and Prime products perform as good as any other product on the market today. Both products however contain only the select lactic acid bacteria and proprietary enzymes. These inoculants result in extremely fast fermentation, maximum dry matter retention and essentially guarantee no clostridia or butyric acid production. The Genesis product on the other hand is anything but your average inoculant. This product was designed specifically for early fed cornsilage. Over the last 3 years of being on the market, Genesis has provided outstanding results on early starch fermentability for those guys that really need it.

The Silage Guys have conducted several trials comparing these inoculants to commercial products commonly available such as Lallemand’s Biotal Plus II, Alltech’s SilAll, Feedtech and Chris Hansens’ BioMax. In all trials the Valley Ag Services products performed as well or better than these national brands.



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